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The Alternative Lifestyle and other Misc. Findings
This is a random page full of random things. Stay awhile join the madness. I promise I won't bite (That hard)...
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The different looks of Tsukimi Kurashita

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Do you ever start a series and the entire time you’re watching the first episode you have your eye on that one character?


That one.

I want him.

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masculinity is so funny to me bc men deprive themselves of the best things in life in order to achieve it like ….fuzzy socks, fun fruity pink drinks, spa days, lifetime movies,  expressing positive feelings in a healthy way, being a warm genuine person

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have you ever been so mad you went to bed

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Jaime Preciado + soccer jerseys for Logan (x/x/x/x/x/x)

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when my friend told her drug dealer that she was transgender he immediately started using the correct pronouns for her and her parents dont so theres an issue there

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Dragons are henceforth a feminist icon. You’re no longer allowed to participate in the appreciation of dragons and dragons in culture unless you’re totally down for helping the equality movement. 

Anti-feminist blogs are mad about this post so everyone should reblog it.

I saved this image off Tumblr awhile ago and I never thought I’d find another use for it



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Dir En Grey (via neko-eiri)

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You call it demonic because you hear screaming, I call it life saving because I hear the meaning.
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